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Spa Menu

Explore our range of spa services and discover the perfect treatment for your needs.

Body Wraps

Experience the therapeutic power of our body wraps, which deeply hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it supple and revitalized.

Our wraps enhance circulation and detoxify, offering an ideal indulgence in a moment of self-care. We offer the flexibility for guests to choose from different types of body wraps, ensuring a customized experience that meets each individual's specific needs and desires.

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Volcano Mud

Wrap + Scrub
Single 60 min - $130

The mud is extracted from the depths of a volcano in Colombia. The skin absorbs the vitamins and minerals - enabling natural healing, stimulating blood circulation, and replenishing lost minerals. These essential minerals help to flush out all toxins and exfoliate the skin.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Wrap + Scrub
Single 60 min - $130

The mud contains rich natural minerals and has a high concentration of essential elements which help to reduce pain and soothe aching joints.

After Sol Cooling

Single 45 min - $80

Scrub not included.
A mix of fresh Aloe, essential oils, and cucumber is used to condition your skin after sun exposure.

Body Scrubs

Discover the transformative effects of our body scrubs, designed to softly polish away dead skin cells and unveil a fresher, more glowing complexion.

These scrubs adapt to fulfill the unique preferences and skin care goals of each guest, ensuring a bespoke exfoliating experience. Whether seeking to rejuvenate before a special occasion or maintain healthy, radiant skin, our selection offers the perfect scrub for everyone’s needs.

Chocolate Hydration

Single 45 min - $80

Chocolate moisturizes and soothes your skin, making it feel soft and pampered.

Reviving Grape

Single 45 min - $80

Use the power of grapes to keep your skin healthy. It protects and smooths your skin.

Rejuvenating Cranberry

Single 45 min - $80

Cranberries are full of natural nutrients that help improve your skin's look and feel.

Marine Salt

Single 45 min - $80

This powerful salt scrub effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and exceptionally smooth.

Body Treatments

Body scrubs are an excellent resource used to remove dead cells from the skin while wraps oxygenate and prepare the skin at a temperature to absorbs all of its essential minerals and deliver plenty nutrition to the body necessary for healthy skin.

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