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Spa Menu

Explore our range of spa services and discover the perfect treatment for your needs.


From soothing Swedish massages to invigorating deep tissue therapies, each session is tailored to address your specific needs and provide a blissful escape from the stresses of daily life.

Our skilled therapists combine their healing touch with their deep understanding of the body to deliver a therapeutic experience.

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Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $105
Single 80 min - $140
Couple 50 min - $210 $200
Couple 80 min - $280 $270

This Swedish-origin massage dissipates bodily physical tension, loosens tight muscles, and reduces stiffness. Steady and rhythmic kneading increases blood circulation and reduces emotional stress by removing energy blockages.


Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $110
Single 80 min - $145
Couple 50 min - $220 $205
Couple 80 min - $280 $275

Enhance your Relaxing massage with a selection of exotic aroma oils to relax your mind and massage away any tension.


Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $110

Bookings only available after 12 weeks of pregnancy.
The Prenatal is a personalized massage tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. The methodology relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation, restores mobility, and eases sore spots.


Medium Pressure
Single 30 min - $65
Single 50 min - $120

Focuses on the reflex areas on the feet corresponding to all parts of the body, including major organs. This therapeutic treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing process.

*The 30-minute Reflexology includes a foot massage only.
*The 50-minute Reflexology is primarily a foot massage, but can be combined with a hand and head massage.


Strong Pressure
Single 50 min - $125
Single 80 min - $160

This massage involves the use of slow, deep, and intense strokes across the grain of the muscles to heal physical injuries, chronic tension, and stress.

Hot StoneS

Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $125
Single 80 min - $160

Bookings only available in the afternoon.
Hot stones boost your immune system, detox, and generate energy to heal the body. They penetrate the muscles and ease tension, soothe inflammation, and stimulate circulation.


Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $125
Single 80 min - $160

A therapeutic massage that detoxifies the body while eliminating stress and tension; generating physical and mental relaxation, and harmonizing all bodily energies.


Tailored Pressure
Single 50 min - $140
Single 80 min - $175

A localized and personalized massage, through which methods and techniques are applied to specific problem areas of the body. Recovers muscle tissue mobility and reduces pain.

Lomi Lomi

Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $140
Single 80 min - $175

This technique helps to restore lympathic and energetic circulation. Improve the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being with this fluid, and rhythmic traditional Hawaiian massage.


Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $140
Single 80 min - $175

A Japanese-origin massage whereby pressure is applied to specific areas of the body. This technique stimulates muscles, joints, and internal organs while promoting energy flow.

Four Hands

Medium Pressure
Single 50 min - $200

A massage performed by two therapist providing a unique and relaxing sensation where Balinese, Swedish, rolling, and pressure point techniques are applied to relax the affected muscles.

Relaxing Combination

Medium to Strong Pressure
Single 1 hr 50 min - $240

Indulge in an extended, personalized massage experience by combining the Relaxing massage with a Deep, Hot Stone, or Bamboo massage.


Our massages menu offers all types of treatments ranging from relaxing to therapeutic massages.

Reduce stress and remove any tension with the classic Swedish or Aromatherapy treatment, or recover mobility of muscle tissues and reduce pain in a specific area with our wide variety of therapeutic massages.

3 friends enjoying a spa day.


Woman receiving a facial


Therapist applying scrub to a woman's back

Body Treatments

A woman's waxed leg