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Explore our range of spa services and discover the perfect treatment for your needs.


From deep cleansing and exfoliation to nourishing masks and targeted serums, each step is carefully curated to enhance your skin's vitality and restore its natural glow. Discover the facial treatment that is right for you.

We understand that each person has unique skin concerns and preferences, which is why we offer the flexibility for couples to choose different facial types while enjoying the experience together.

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Sol Janssen

All skin types
$135 per person - 75 min

Marine Flower

All skin types
$145 per person - 75 min

Luminous C

All skin types
$145 per person- 75 min


Acne | Redness
$155 per person - 75 min

Perfect Man

Deep cleanse
$100 per person - 50 min


Eye treatment
$45 per person - 25 min


Eye treatment
$45 per person - 25 min


Moisturize, cleanse, or remove fine lines and counteract premature aging of the skin with a selection of facial treatments for all skin types, from cleansing to collagen treatments, to help keep the skin glowing and healthy.

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Woman getting a back massage.


Therapist applying scrub to a woman's back

Body Treatments

A woman's waxed leg